Major Birth Empowerment

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Your going to be a Mummy!!!

If you are anything like me you will be super excited to be pregnant, yet apprehensive about the actual giving birth part.  We have all seen various TV programmes with horrific birth scenes, but trust me it doesn't have to be that way.  I know I'm a hypnobirthing Mummy, just like you.  Everyone will have a birth story to tell and usually they are not the nice birth stories.  I recall my NCT group dismissing my birth experience as being a one off, I was hushed whilst they told me all about their experiences. 

Birthing does not have to be difficult, with tools that I will provide for you to utilise, it can be the magnificent, euphoric moment that you always wanted.  Being calm, relaxed and able to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and birth experience.  Everyone is unique and so is the gorgeous baby growing inside of you.  I promise to empower you, so that you will feel excited about the day you first meet your baby. x